Voices on the Wind Comical Voices
YOUTH by Kimberly Hardy She moves to the beat Swaying her hips from side to side He moves with two left feet As she attempts to be his guide Back and forth, forth and back Onlookers shout as they sway He canít dance and thatís a fact But they celebrate anyway For him, there is no good foot And the base proves to be too much Dancing alone, she needs no input Dancing together, their hips barely touch Whatís that song, I say They reply, ďNot your kind of music, my friend This here is from back in the day With dance moves you donít comprehend See, we did the two step and the shuffle While you could barely walkĒ I bring my hand to my mouth to muffle the smart remark waiting to talk I may have to show them something What dancing really looks like Palms sweaty, heart pumping I move to the floor, as if holding a mike I glide into the Electric Slide heading Effortlessly into the grown folks pit Moving to the smooth rhythms of Otis Redding Until my pants suddenly split!