Voices on the Wind Voices of Protest
Washed Up (from Pound Laundry) By Michael Gregory Washed up then on that eutrophic shore whale road behind yellow brick ahead where his grandfathers fought and died following his nose upstream so far people laughed at him, taking the chip on his shoulder for some outlandish harvest implement upstream through the brindled liquidity, the banks as they crumble bespeaking lower orders of beings more tractable for having lost their homes past the musical market place where opulent behind her veils the brazen one undulates a cross of gold between her open thighs past the scornful lips of the god father holding the power of issue above the laws nations engrave for themselves in white marble past the greenbacks swimming like blind eels the scuttled gunboats no longer pressed into service the wads of newsprint and tickertape parades past the great headless body of those incapable of comprehending their burden as the means to someone elseís gain past the panics of Ď93 and Ď5, Ď07 and Ď29 the eight minor and seven major depressions from 1880 to 1930 the auction hammers the ruined lives the boom and bust loop-the-loop necessary corrections sd the Secretary breadlines soup kitchens hungry kids a little suffering for the common good people starving while farmers go bankrupt so speculators can play with the money the Constitution says belongs to the people businessmen jumping from their high-rise windows hanging themselves with their own neckties sometimes taking their families with them past the gentlemenís clubs and ladiesí salons stolen treasures brought back from the export wars ransoms held in the coils of the Worm it is important said the president of the manufacturers association that the unemployed understand that their suffering is not the product of economic breakdown but the direct result of their own moral infirmity past the institutions of bad faith the household gods in wreaths and robes crying If they only knew If only they could see against the current long enough to reveal the fiscal past with minor variations reproducing itself as the future: national sovereignty turned over in the grave reverted by adverse possession to corporations financial causidical or productive the power to mint stamp and distribute tender deployed worldwide for private ends the way people get to eat sleep dress and recreate overdetermined by choice and chance of a lucky chosen few unlikely to get caught with their hand in the till the dollar in Ď72 pulled off the gold standard floated on the oil slick global market in exchange for petrodollars forty-six thousand prematurely dead in Ď74 and Ď75 alone strokes heart attacks suicides the invisible hand tightening belts though the liquidation less severe than it would be ten years later when it was mourning again in America sweetheart deals junk bonds palm greasing the trickle of what is said to flow downhill taxpayer bailouts of banks that over-reached on high-risk investments followed by bailouts in the form of high-return loans to client states followed by bailouts of the S & L banks after their high-risk real estate scams fell through followed by lower wages less net income for middle class workers weaker social welfare safety nets bigger shares of the global arms market the fact is sd the Chair of the Fed to members of Congress your constituents of course are unhappy but mine arenít voodoo economics the magic worked in money begetting money liquidity to the neglect of industrial production self interest a public virtue no res publica but that the market a carnival of speculation a high tech bubble rising through the ooze towards the next millennium crash heads of dead presidents baked in a pie Finance Insurance and Real Estate a fire sale of properties underwater neo-mercantilism protecting the wealthy government debt exceeded by personal debt for the first time in the nationís history the merchants of debt drunk on tax write-offs tax cuts and deregulation multinational corporations tax-free the top one percentile fleecing the rest in a house of credit cards economy sold by oval office commercials that assure consumers that going into debt is patriotic while sovereignty the power to value money is given with the power to overrule the nationís laws to unelected financiers the banks compounding each otherís bad loans derivative get-rich-quick schemes imploding War Department budgets on the rise the usury cartels in flagrante with mortgages drugs and oil too big to let die bailed out with taxpayer dollars the specter of evil aliens raised again just when the pain of the necessary contraction gets to be too much again the marketís rebirth again delivered by war paid for again with the publicís money borrowed from firms growing fat on public indebtedness apprentice financial wizards who caused the mess put in charge of mopping it up with a lick a promise and a cat who ate the canary grin clean-nailed born-again leaders of the free washed in the blood of suckers born every minute making the world safe again for vermin the thick line of smoke from the squat temple coins jingling around her swollen belly the stench of pigs fattened on the sacrificed.