Voices on the Wind Comical Voices
toys R us by Ken Boe nothing eveR goes bad in my RefRidgeRatoR. the cheese is just fine and so aRe the sausages. i found a steak seveRal months ago that someone wasted. it's been in theRe and it's fResheR than eveR. theRe are many fascinating kinds of sausages. some with sage, some with RosemaRy and black peppeR. i haven't been feeling much emotion lately, though I noticed that the bag of apples seems lonely. i bit into one, it was just delicious and it no longeR botheRs me that no one has called. some of the sausages appeaR to be made with toys. a conflict has aRisen between the police caRs and baRbie dolls. i checked the mail and still no summons. but when it comes, I have some Room on the loweR shelf. the loweR shelf is wheRe I keep a collection of maRinades. they aRe what is patient and I'm happy to put it theRe. theRsís just containeRs within containeRs, heRe, and this is the Reason for Raisons. people have tRavelled a long way foR this knowledge. someone was fiRst to tRy beRRies, and then they died. fRuitjuice sweetened jam is moRe lumpy than the otheR kind. but if you toast the bRead the jam will spRead just fine. eveRy little day is an entiRe mysteRy of Ramifications. tRaditions aRe spun off of chaos like spiRo-gyRa. if I leave to go out and play, things heRe will wait foR me, but Iíll tRy youR maRmalade should you eveR come home.