Table of Contents for Voices on the Wind Volume 72--Open Theme

  1. Cat Fantastic by Dick Bakken
  2. This is Your Ride Into Moonlight Dying by Dick Bakken
  3. Christmas Eve 1969 by Dick Bakken
  4. Still Lake by Mike Bayles
  5. Mirror Images by Mike Bayles
  6. Turning the Rounds by Ken Boe
  7. The Tree Graces by Ken Boe
  8. Pacific by David Chorlton
  9. Negatives by David Chorlton
  10. Seeing by David Chorlton
  11. Ann by Matthew Christianscher
  12. Another Black Kippah by Matthew Christianscher
  13. Ocean Love by Leslie Clark
  14. Big Brother by Kathy Lohrum Cotton
  15. Caged Wildness by Kathy Lohrum Cotton
  16. Exhilarated from Tension by Chris Dietz
  17. Flummoxed by Chris Dietz
  18. Seeker Drama by Chris Dietz
  19. I squared by jacob erin-cilberto
  20. Reconstruction by jacob erin-cilberto
  21. What Penance Never Resolved by jacob erin-cilberto
  22. Can you see me? by James F. Gaines
  23. Georges Perec Dreaming... by James F. Gaines
  24. Indignation by James F. Gaines
  25. Palette: January 2008 by Michael Gregory
  26. Providence, October Morning by John Grey
  27. Bah, Postcards by John Grey
  28. Dead Sailors All by John Grey
  29. Castle in the Air by G.Louis Heath
  30. Our Fastness on the Mountain by G. Louis Heath
  31. English Garden by m.e.jackson
  32. A Stranger Distance by Michelle O'Hearn
  33. Game Well Played by Andrea Williams Reed
  34. The Closet by Andrea Williams Reed
  35. Apache monsoon dream by Lars Samson
  36. Gods of the river by Lars Samson
  37. Settling by Lars Samson
  38. He Danced Well by Beate Sigriddaughter
  39. Gray by Beate Sigriddaughter
  40. On Her Climb to Gratitude by Beate Sigriddaughter
  41. Nearly Everyone Looks Like You by Susan Stevens
  42. Thrill Today, Thrill Forever by Larry Turner
  43. Labyrinth by Larry Turner
  44. Holy Tourists by Mark Vogel
  45. The call of the wild by Mark Vogel
  46. Tiny toads too many to count by Mark Vogel