Table of Contents for Voices on the Wind Volume 69-- Evening Voices

  1. May We Be Prayer by Dick Bakken
  2. Riding Rail With Jim by Dick Bakken
  3. Lullaby of the Leaves by Dick Bakken
  4. Night Conversations by Mike Bayles
  5. Madera Canyon, Noon to Dusk by David Chorlton
  6. Ward Off the Night by Leslie Clark
  7. Evenfall at Boulder by Kathy Lohrum Cotton
  8. Bisbee Nights by Chris Dietz
  9. Chill Nights by Chris Dietz
  10. In a Domesticated Suburb by David Francis
  11. L'Angelo's by David Francis
  12. Panache by David Francis
  13. Another Kind of Dance by Wilda Morris
  14. Evenings Outdoors by Wilda Morris
  15. Running Away on a Stormy Evening by Wilda Morris
  16. Of Angels by Michelle O'Hearn
  17. Evening of Halloween by Andrea Williams Reed
  18. Borders of Day and Night by Lars Samson
  19. Dusk by Lars Samson
  20. Night tide by Lars Samson
  21. Song at Dusk by Susan Stevens
  22. Seasons of Life... by Larry Turner
  23. Visitors Villanelle by Larry Turner