Table of Contents for Voices on the Wind Volume 68--Voices in Tribute

  1. To Gloria by Dick Bakken
  2. Bold Stripes by Dick Bakken
  3. Rod McKuen's Lost Shorts by Dick Bakken
  4. Things to Get Done For by Ken Boe
  5. Vladmir Kirillov by David Chorlton
  6. Dear Mandelstam by David Chorlton
  7. Twenty-first Century Bosch by David Chorlton
  8. Sea Save by Leslie Clark
  9. The Radiologist by Chris Dietz
  10. Strange Lives by David Francis
  11. Waverly Place by David Francis
  12. Flight by James F. Gaines
  13. KIng of Paradise by James F. Gaines
  14. Dante was his Virgil (from Pound Laundry) by Michael Gregory
  15. Ode to Sig Cofer by Doris Gwaltney
  16. King of Our Yard by Chris Loehmer Kincaid
  17. A Time of Restlessness by m.e.jackson
  18. For Those They Left Behind by m.e.jackson
  19. Elegy for Dmitri Shastokovich by Wilda Morris
  20. This is a Tribute by Wilda Morris
  21. On My Father's Ninety-Second Birthday by CJ Muchhala
  22. Tulips in Winter by CJ Muchhala
  23. Woman with Flute by CJ Muchhala
  24. Mom's Final Gift by Andrea Williams Reed
  25. The In-Law by Andrea Williams Reed
  26. Not lost in the cracks by Lars Samson
  27. Poetestor without a cause by Lars Samson
  28. The Sun is My Enemy by Susan Stevens
  29. Too Late by Kathy Swackhamer
  30. Atanasoff by Larry Turner
  31. Your Fight by Larry Turner
  32. A village by Mark Vogel
  33. tribute by Mark Vogel
  34. An ancient word by Mark Vogel