Table of Contents for Voices on the Wind Volume 67--Voices on Waiting

  1. Waiting for You by Sherri Lohrum Baker
  2. Flipped in Sunset by Dick Bakken
  3. Our Choke Blossoms by Dick Bakken
  4. Saving the Future by Dick Bakken
  5. The Last Leaf by Mike Bayles
  6. Before and After the Stars by Mike Bayles
  7. Waiting to Land by Ken Boe
  8. Distances by David Chorlton
  9. scrambled eggs by jacob erin-cilberto
  10. season's indecision by jacob erin-cilberto
  11. Boats Waiting by Leslie Clark
  12. At Kroger Plaza by Kathy Lohrum Cotton
  13. Waiting for Words by Kathy Lohrum Cotton
  14. Corelli on Second Avenue by James F. Gaines
  15. Vincent in the Asylum by James F. Gaines
  16. Waiting for the Ferry at Fort Morgan by James F. Gaines
  17. Of no interest whatever (from Pound Laundry) by Michael Gregory
  18. where the desert fathers wait (from Pound Laundry) by Michael Gregory
  19. Hours Go By by Doris Gwaltney
  20. Me Time by Kimberly Hardy
  21. Mother Robin by Chardonee Harris
  22. Waiting for Winter's Sting by m.e.jackson
  23. When the Dead Die by m.e.jackson
  24. Darkness of Winter by m.e.jackson
  25. Halfway Through the Relationship... by Nadine Lockhart
  26. Sleep Corpse by Nadine Lockhart
  27. What Counts by Nadine Lockhart
  28. Riding the Interurban by Wilda Morris
  29. Waiting to Enter the Galleria by Wilda Morris
  30. The State of Wait by Michelle O'Hearn
  31. Celia the sun is coming by Fauve Parise
  32. The Gathering by Fauve Parise
  33. Grandfather and grandson by Andrea Williams Reed
  34. Memories of Choices by Andrea Williams Reed
  35. Still Here by Andrea Williams Reed
  36. Subliminal: No Waiting Ever by Susan Stevens
  37. In the Waiting Room by Larry Turner
  38. Waiting for Daddy by Larry Turner
  39. Someone's got a hold of my heart by Mark Vogel
  40. The moment of being by Mark Vogel
  41. Cape Girardeau, Missouri by Mark Vogel
  42. Home Hospice by Phyllis Wax
  43. Waiting by Phyllis Wax
  44. We Wait by Phyllis Wax
  45. Work Hard Enough... by Laura Grace Weldon
  46. Ruth by Laura Grace Weldon