Table of Contents for Voices on the Wind Volume 66--Voices from Teen Years

  1. Burning the Boy Away by Dick Bakken
  2. Teenage Sunday Morning by Dick Bakken
  3. Her Carol on the Bullet by Dick Bakken
  4. Ice Cream by David Chorlton
  5. Boat Lane 1967 by David Chorlton
  6. Intellectuals by Leslie Clark
  7. For Richie... by Chris Dietz
  8. Suburbs by Chris Dietz
  9. skirt fauntleroy curls... (from Pound Laundry) by Michael Gregory
  10. Disconnect by Kimberly Hardy
  11. In the Junior High Art Room Annex by Wilda Morris
  12. Math by Wilda Morris
  13. Yearbook Senior Hall of Fame by Wilda Morris
  14. The Essay Submission by Michelle O'Hearn
  15. My Southern Aunts by Andrea Williams Reed
  16. Time of Summer by Andrea Williams Reed
  17. Me and my bed by Lars Samson
  18. On the bench by Lars Samson
  19. Paean by Susan Stevens
  20. Behind the Lens by Larry Turner
  21. Castro's Conscience by Larry Turner
  22. The rich trail by Mark Vogel
  23. Jake and Jack and Jesus by Mark Vogel