Table of Contents for Voices on the Wind Volume 64--Open Theme

  1. Morning Mourning by Mary Alexander
  2. Fresh Press Blues by Dick Bakken
  3. Untitled by Dick Bakken
  4. Saving the Future by Dick Bakken
  5. In Company of Dvorak by Mike Bayles
  6. Turning Up Cold by Ken Boe
  7. Alamo Canyon by David Chorlton
  8. Birding at Ajo Golf Course by David Chorlton
  9. Crescent City by Leslie Clark
  10. The Myth of Time by Chris Dietz
  11. Hiding the Whites by James F. Gaines
  12. Fish Crow by James F. Gaines
  13. Meteor Showers by James F. Gaines
  14. Music by Doris Gwaltney
  15. The Fog by Doris Gwaltney
  16. Vibrations by Doris Gwaltney
  17. Airport Encounter with the Poet by Cappy Love Hanson
  18. Pruning by Cappy Love Hanson
  19. Tsiregeh by Cappy Love Hanson
  20. Aloe by Kimberly Hardy
  21. Meditation by Kimberly Hardy
  22. A Smidgen of Lunacy by m.e.jackson
  23. Ambiguity by m.e.jackson
  24. Winter Detritus by m.e.jackson
  25. An Ode to an Athlete by Michelle O'Hearn
  26. To Taste Sweet Mercy by Michelle O'Hearn
  27. Meetings by Andrea Williams Reed
  28. Never Easy by Andrea Williams Reed
  29. Box of Shadows by Lars Samson
  30. Learning with winds by Lars Samson
  31. Sundown by Lars Samson
  32. A Lesson from Judith by Ben Somerville
  33. Gothic Tale by Larry Turner
  34. Kiss o Kudasi by Larry Turner