Table of Contents for Voices on the Wind Volume 62--Obscure Voices

  1. Cornish Institute of Allied Arts by Dick Bakken
  2. My Boyfriend by Dick Bakken
  3. My Friend from Forever by Dick Bakken
  4. All Day Pass by David Chorlton
  5. Shadow Play by Leslie Clark
  6. Passing Storms by Kathy Cotton
  7. Granddaughters by Kathy Cotton
  8. Beneath the Noise by Kathy Cotton
  9. News of the Weird by Chris Dietz
  10. When I was Diagnosed by Chris Dietz
  11. What does my disease look like? by Chris Dietz
  12. In this room... by Mimi Ferraro
  13. Fimbul Winter by James F. Gaines
  14. Speed Racer by James F. Gaines
  15. The Dog Tick by James F. Gaines
  16. Above all...(from Pound Laundry) by Michael Gregory
  17. Art Should be...(from Pound Laundry) by Michael Gregory
  18. Bumper Stickers by Cappy Love Hanson
  19. Poem Written on a Matchbook by Cappy Love Hanson
  20. Just a Number by Kimberly Hardy
  21. Don't Bother Me by m.e.jackson
  22. Disembodied Voice by Mary E. Lux
  23. LIttle Thunderstorm by Mary E. Lux
  24. Big Charlie Butler by CJ Muchhala
  25. Caffeinated Blues by CJ Muchhala
  26. Continue to Stomp on Us by Michelle O'Hearn
  27. Looking for Wonder by Lars Samson
  28. Unanswered Calls by Lars Samson
  29. Dropping the Past by Susan Stevens
  30. In the Field by Susan Stevens
  31. Fishspeak by Larry Turner
  32. Evolution by Mark Vogel
  33. when the recurring dream is real by Mark Vogel
  34. When Evil smolders by Mark Vogel