Table of Contents for Voices on the Wind Volume 60-- Memorable Voices

  1. Ratbastard by Dick Bakken
  2. Your Dinner with the Goddess... by Dick Bakken
  3. Walking to Poetry 101 by Dick Bakken
  4. Voices of November Wind by Mike Bayles
  5. My Father Sings by Mike Bayles
  6. The Cycle of Dead Angels by Ken Boe
  7. Saturday's Savior by David Chorlton
  8. First Memories by Leslie Clark
  9. Six Word Summation by Kathy Cotton
  10. Red Dress by Kathy Cotton
  11. Family Rancor by Chris Dietz
  12. NJP by Chris Dietz
  13. Land of the Flea by Michael Gregory
  14. Milestones by m.e.jackson
  15. Missive from an Agent by Nadine Lockhart
  16. I Am by Wilda Morris
  17. Red Wing by Wilda Morris
  18. The Angel Message by Wilda Morris
  19. The Mongers (War & Iron by Steven Pody
  20. Recollecting by J.R. Robert-Saavedra
  21. Half and hardball hugs by Lars Samson
  22. Blindsided by Andrei Codrescu by Susan Stevens
  23. Building It Up by Susan Stevens
  24. Megathrust Exit by Susan Stevens
  25. Homage to the Cardiff Giant by Larry Turner
  26. The Spanish Flu by Larry Turner
  27. Still Driving Through Kansas by Mark Vogel
  28. Lament by Mark Vogel
  29. Memo to water workers by Mark Vogel
  30. What Used to Be by John M. Wills