Table of Contents for Voices on the Wind Volume 59--Voices on Relaxation

  1. Far Foggy Morning by Dick Bakken
  2. On a Beach Waves Crash by Dick Bakken
  3. Wind Don't Call by Dick Bakken
  4. Ballplayer by Janet Barry
  5. Lakeshore by Janet Barry
  6. Oct. 13, a Monday by Janet Barry
  7. Still Life by Mike Bayles
  8. Afield by Mike Bayles
  9. On the Country Road by Mike Bayles
  10. The City Speaks by David Chorlton
  11. Australian Silver by Leslie Clark
  12. The Sweetness of Doing Nothing by Kathy Cotton
  13. Croquet by m.e.jackson
  14. Back to Nature by Kathryn Jacobs
  15. There's Nothing Like a Good Sandcastle by Kathryn Jacobs
  16. Mindfulness or How to Make a Pie by Nadine Lockhart
  17. Terrycloth by Glenna Luschei
  18. Playing Pool by Wilda Morris
  19. Watching the Carousel by Wilda Morris
  20. Citiless Sky by Lars Samson
  21. How to Calm Your Beagle in a Storm by David Southward
  22. Slalom by David Southward
  23. Vision at Ojo Caliente Spa by David Southward
  24. Mindfulness by Susan Stevens
  25. Ne plus ultra by Susan Stevens
  26. You, Somewhere by Susan Stevens
  27. Autumn Colors and What They Portend by Larry Turner
  28. Gold by Larry Turner
  29. no escaping Elvis by Mark Vogel
  30. What fishing means by Mark Vogel
  31. Happiness and Pain Grow Together Like Weeds by Mark Vogel