Table of Contents for Voices on the Wind Volume 58--Vulnerable Voices

  1. Swollen Twilight by Dick Bakken
  2. The Push by Dick Bakken
  3. Night Photo by Dick Bakken
  4. A Poet's Death by Ken Boe
  5. Beyond the Scene by David Chorlton
  6. Child Immigrant by Leslie Clark
  7. Bird Heaven by Leslie Clark
  8. Stained by Kathy Cotton
  9. Laid Open by Kathy Cotton
  10. Her Grave by Terry Cox-Joseph
  11. Permission by Terry Cox-Joseph
  12. Transition by Terry Cox-Joseph
  13. Valentines Day by Chris Dietz
  14. When I am Gone by Chris Dietz
  15. The Life of the Failed Writer by Chris Dietz
  16. Bones & Such by jacob erin-cillberto
  17. His Worn Out Soul by jacob erin-cillberto
  18. To adverb or not to adverb... by jacob erin-cillberto
  19. Hush Guitar by Mimi Ferraro
  20. Monsoon by Mimi Ferraro
  21. Mission Impossible by James F. Gaines
  22. Purple Heart Trail by James F. Gaines
  23. The Talking Woman by Doris Gwaltney
  24. Granma's Toy Soldiers by m.e.jackson
  25. Cry from a Soybean Field by Wilda Morris
  26. Jesus Nino by Wilda Morris
  27. To Anne Frank by Steven Pody
  28. The Physical Sum by Steven Pody
  29. Poles Apart by Lars Samson
  30. Immersion by Susan Stevens
  31. On a Side Street in Wuhan by Larry Turner
  32. Communion by Mark Vogel
  33. Who could have predicted by Mark Vogel
  34. The doctor himself by Mark Vogel
  35. Exodus by Phyllis Wax
  36. The Patient by Phyllis Wax
  37. Refugee Attends the Air Show by Phyllis Wax
  38. Our Hearts by John M. Wills