Voices on the Wind Voices from Teen Years
Time of Summer by Andrea Williams Reed Reserved after spring showers, And yellow blanket of pollen. Organized before fall breezes and harvest. Planned for recreation, Squeezed in with a little rest, Slated in with reflections For the season of life, Arranged among the summer apparatus Of beach towel, chair and lotion, Young children pulled Away from familiar friends, Situated with eccentric family members While parents continued their routine Unfazed by the call of summer Collapsed after the occasional road trip, Only to gear up for next family gathering, With food, and fireworks. Tending of the yard, gutters, And garden need to be penciled in Shade of the porch, along with book, Have priority now. Nature’s seasonal show Opens with calming fiddles Sounds played by crickets Frogs are up next with their Choruses and harmonies Followed by the glow sticks of fire flies The tambourine shaking of leaves, Provide the rhythm giving over to The headliners of the seasons nightly Claps of thunder as the Sky comes alive with lighting, Wind whistles, rain falls at angles Stinging as it comes in contact with skin. Washing the car under the shade trees Smell of car wax mingled With fresh scent of grass clippings From neighbor’s yard. Water hose misdirected at family members Wet cool water feels like warm shower against skin. When sprayed a skirmish set off For control of water hose. Four-legged family member Overturns bucket of suds. Suds float away effortlessly, Along with all the moment’s concerns,