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Thrill Today, Thrill Forever by Larry Turner This is the high point of my day rocking back and forth just a bit then as I pass over the tipping point the exhilaration of rolling faster, ever faster down the hill bouncing over rough places crushing everything in my path until finally I come to rest at the bottom. Contentment follows. Not merely the contentment of a task completed, but the greater contentment of knowing the process will be repeated tomorrow and next week and next year throughout my lifetime. And remember, for any boulder, a lifetime is an unimaginably long time. For me it is forever. But what of him, the one who pushes me up the mountain each day. Id like to help, but what can I do? Im a boulder. Id like to tell him what his effort means to me, but what can I do? Im a boulder. What are his feelings? It is presumptive for a boulder to imagine how a human feels, but I observe his groans, his smiles, his sighs. From that Ive learned something about him: He loves his work, rolling me to the top of the mountain each day. Every evening he takes pride in what his sweat, his muscle, his stamina have accomplished. Then he watches me crash back to the bottom, assured I will be there for him the next morning. He has no worries about his work coming to an end, about others stealing his job. It is his life and he would have no other. And so we two go through the ages together. He is Sisyphus. I am his boulder.