Voices on the Wind Voices of Protest
The wave of tests gauging desire by Mark Vogel So where is Waldo, since rumor says he died in 1994, murdered by frustrated Tyler Spotts, the gawky college senior bubbling with jealousy? And where is Jacobís center as he evolves in raw jerks, angry because no over-the-rainbow exists, except maybe on Beech Mountain where an abandoned theme park shimmers in decay? On the timed 9th grade test, how is Jacob to know how much exactness must be mastered? How to compare apples and oranges when both begin as green? How to balance as he murmurs: How to squander, Squanto, when years melt, one life be-here-now? What to call the road stretching into darkness as the boy next door overnight loses hair? How can one person both cultivate despair and plan reunions? Why are so many alone when fourteen dead souls linger for every living being? How often did Tyler Spotts breathe deep the phenomenal, and what exactly was his thesis? Where is the plateau where relief is dispensed? Who informs the world when we have passed? Which monsters created todayís tests? How can Jim Morrison still insist: we want the world, and we want it now? Why should you care?