Voices on the Wind Voices on Relaxation
THE SWEETNESS OF DOING NOTHING by Kathy Cotton In a slow-moving line, I tell him about my impressive American busyness. The geologist counters, how once he walked away from a dig, left his students dusting dirt while he stretched full length on a Montana stone, gazing at the clouds. Dolce far niente, he calls it, translating the Italian: “the sweetness of doing nothing.” Ah, those Italians, who linger over olives and wine and kisses, who speak the world’s most lovely language, satin words ending in vowels, set to sweeping gesture— enjoying life a languid ocean away from my vice-grip belief in efficiency, productivity, time management; far from where I learned that idle hands are the devil’s playground, and busyness is virtue. Yet here I stand tonight, barefoot in damp grass, staring at a moonless sky as lightning outlines mysterious clouds. Dolce far niente.