Voices on the Wind Voices from Teen Years
My Southern Aunts by Andrea Williams Reed Periods spent with them, While our parents were striving To provide for us, Were filled with new exploits And curious undertakings. As they shared their time with us, The Baker, tall and full figured, Known for her cakes and pies. We would make checker board cakes, And meringue pies three at a time. While cakes and pies baked, Wed tend to the garden, And pick the seasonal bounty for supper. She passed on to us A love of seasonal and regional foods. The Homemaker, short and petite, She never - far from her mop. She kept an immaculate home. The vacuum cleaner humming as We chatted together, We would have tea parties, Play cards, while arranging And straightening the house. We could reach the High spots she could not. She shared with us the Love of furnishing a home. The Urbanite, tall and slender, The artistic one, She painted dishes, And enlarged our world With our first experience of the city life