Voices on the Wind Comical Voices
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves: Volume II by Larry Turner The story ceased. Down came the curtain. Our future bliss was almost certain. But Real Life doesnít work that way I now would learn to my dismay. For soon the Seven Dwarves moved in; Each displays a Deadly Sin. Dopey is puffed up with Pride That heís the favorite of my bride. And I discovered with a shock That Envyís captured gentle Doc. For me to fail to see is sappy Itís Lust thatís keeping Happy happy. Bashfulís shy ícause talkingís rude When Gluttony fills your mouth with food. And you should see the drowsy Sleepy, So sunk in Sloth, itís almost creepy. By now I think you get my gist. I wonít complete this sinful list. The incidents of Snow Whiteís youth Have left their mark, and thatís the truth. Our extra bedroom holds the case Of glass where I first saw her face. And most nights, claiming aching head, That is where she makes her bed. Forever After, now I see, Isnít what it used to be.