Voices on the Wind Voices on Aging
Turning Seventy – Reflection #1 by m.e.jackson I Impossible to imagine getting old, if she had thought to do so. Chronicled on Facebook, Boomers’ photos – beach front homes, grandchildren graduating from kindergarten in robes and mortarboards – for God’s sake! Few talk about aging. Their photos show gray hair and excess weight. They have persevered. II The guitar sits in the closet out of tune, protected from dust. She knows all the words to the songs once sung. Occasionally the radio airs a sixties hit. She shakes and twists. It’s not the alligator. She didn’t do it then, why do it now. The frat boys did it while drunk, squirming on the floor for sorority chicks to ooh and ah. III They’re on social media too, talking the good-life with wife number two or three. She sits in her chair and wonders, are they bragging at seventy the way they did at seventeen?