Voices on the Wind Evening Voices
Running Away on a Stormy Evening by Wilda Morris Despite the rain, three angry children determine to run away after supper. Lisa peeks into the living room to verify Dad is in his recliner with the Sunday paper. Lori checks to be sure Mom isn’t quite through with the dishes. Whispering come to little brother, they creep out the door into a darkening world. Dad rises, quickly pulls coveralls over his outfit, puts on a hat, picks up his umbrella and follows the three musketeers at a distance to be sure they are safe. Each time lightning gashes the sky and thunder booms, Jeff trembles. His sisters pull him on. When Dad is sure he knows where they’re headed, he cuts through a vacant lot. When the three turn back toward home, Dad takes the shortcut again, puts his umbrella in the basement, pulls off the damp coveralls, returns to his chair, turns on the TV. Three cold, wet children ring the doorbell, asked to take warm baths before bedtime. Later they tell Mom, It was scary! There was a strange man in the field.