Voices on the Wind Voices in Tribute
A Time of Restlessness by m.e.jackson It was a time of restlessness A time of wars and sorrows We strummed our songs on six gut strings And sang of bright tomorrows. But times slipped by while we grew old Brightness gently faded Peace allusive, dream forgone, Our ambitions now belated. Wars persisted, oh, thatís true, But our eyes failed to see With overdue bills and hungry kids Housework and dirty laundry. The guitars gathered dust alone No one remembered now. Optimistic smiles and laughter Replaced by line upon our brow. But hope remained; a young voice spoke; A small hand touched my side. She saw the strings, the dust, the wood, And smiles I could not hide. Whatís this mom? Can I touch it please? She placed it in my arms. I strummed, I tuned, I sang Of poetry and peace, of families and farms. I sang the dreams we dreamed Of wars we won and lost Of times long forgotten Of freedomís frightful cost. Now we fight for others Their freedom we must win For womenís rights and childrenís lives And years of selfish sins.