Voices on the Wind Memorable Voices
Recollecting by J. R. Robert-Saavedra I From the fireplace in the family room I hear songs from around a campfire Of many years ago In a land far away I hear young voices, very eager then Falsettos and new basses then Innocentsí songs, of youth past In a forest meadow, so full of light So much future So much hope Some dead early now Some hanging on Slowly then, But much faster now From the flames they rise We converse, in my mind They make me warm They fill my heart As I embrace them, I fall asleep While they stand guard around me And my Angel comes and touches my arm She wakes me up and helps me to bed She dispels the fog which crowds my thoughts She cuddles me, till the morrow comes II Until the morrow comes With a new wind Some birds and squirrels Some thoughts and memories, from the past As the wind steals Through the foliage green I see the squirrels scamper I hear the birdís songs As the sun caress my cheeks On my porch, I sip a red wine I take nature in I close my eyes I dream of faraway lands I remember long forgotten names The joys of youth The adventures then III But slowly then and much faster now Shadows creep in, thoughts scamper by Closed doors open up Now old memories come alive As I walk in the night With snow flurrying around With gun in my hand I track someone On a dark corner I see Bearded and raggedly clad A gaunt and starved man stealing food from us I look away, I let him go This foot locker, now I chain shut This door, now I hammer closed I focus on love, And I remember a face I focus on an Angel of my past I savor the words said I taste the time spent I thirst for tropical nights IV And slowly then But much faster now I remember, an error made And a shadow falls A new face now I see An errant hand I remember Embraces and kisses in the dark No second thought I gave then I shackle this memory I nail its coffin tight I bury it deep I sanitize the spot V In the late afternoon warmth I see a butterfly dance and hear a hummingbird hum The sunset shatters as the night veil drops I close my eyes, I take a nap My new Angel The porch light turns on The young night turns cold She helps me shuffle inside From the fireplace in the family room I hear songs from around a campfire Of many years ago In a land far away