Voices on the Wind Memorable Voices
RATBASTARD by Dick Bakken Stetson crushed down over his eyes purpled with bruises. Twists of hair stuck in blood at the crease of his mouth. And under his mustache, busted teeth. Shot of tequila trumps a redhead with a rump spitting “Shut up!” He slams his glass. I damn can’t stomach a man stumbles gaga into a cloud of perfume. Chile splatters, spray from two noses blossom his stink of a shirt like stomped roses. Hot swallow of Johnnie Gold beats any flame-haired bitch and her nose job shrieking “Ratbastard!” Slams it. I don’t give a sneeze of posies. By god she can choke on her own unholy blaze! His gashed fist waves the glass. You won’t catch me, not me with a faceful. He bangs it.Gimmee the slug of mescal with a worm that’ll gag that kodiak she’s blinding her ass out for now. Slams it. Slams it.