Voices on the Wind Voices in Tribute
The Radiologist by Chris Dietz I. You spent your time staring at the heart of things black & white discipline of spectral deviations Huddled like an alchemist you sat among your books & papers contrived bold, compulsive lines with a straight-edge donated by a pharmaceutical firm Too late the ‘Wyf of Bath’ itched for compassion so you stole away from town to grow flowers in little islands shaped like hearts not black & white at all but soothing wild chaoses, red & orange You drove the orange Mercedes to California but all you could see was the heart black & white reality, bitter barium anguished cry of sullen years every contact intense, unbearable II. You threw down your metal shoehorn every morning for a million years You stole the towels from Holiday Inn swam the pool a dozen even laps You said women had casks of honey between their legs though most were whores There were English kings you would have died for In California, you learned to cry couple times diabetes made you mad and you took the desert on hands & knees scurrying from paratroopers You believed in art museums, zoos, ‘fine’ restaurants Beefeater Gin, anise candies, Ivan Ries, Stauffer’s Richard III, Becket, constant sadness Clicking your flouroscopes & high beam analysers you assaulted the world with impeccable curiosity and the only ones who shared that blissful state of attention were your children whom you despised