Voices on the Wind Voices in Tribute
Poetestor without a cause (To Richard Shelton and William Stafford) by Lars Samson My college poetry teacher wrote me Read more. I heard that as Stop writing. But I could have misread between lines life had cut in his face. Ruleless and unruly, I kept on alone ó not reading him closely. Nor any others whose words seemed buried in the page. Wrapped in the desert, my voice wandered out into the scrub and washes. Lost words came back with broad rhythms tip-toeing over the ground and up, inside me. Words led to their unspoken lives and a voice ó plain and earnest as Kansas ó whose fearless heart kept me true to my words. Two careers later, I hung up wordsí faces and followed their hearts. But the voice was gone ó with no others seeming to embrace their words. Wiser eyes returned to my teacherís first book, where pages howled The untamed are still out there. My words still donít circulate with known ones. But Iím content these will have me.