Voices on the Wind Comical Voices
PHILOSOPHY GIRL by Dick Bakken Pounding chicken breasts last night got almost torturous— I awoke this morning all carpal tunnel. Cranking my steering wheel left with bandaged forearm shot shrills up that poor wing like flash off a torch. So I had to picture a way to Piggly Wiggly all right turns. Well that was one for Descartes. Now me, I just switched an icy mocha grande to my other hand. O yeah it was hot as a witch’s shriek lifting the crowd like flame twists. No wonder I signed as only gal for that To-be-or-Not-to-be diploma—with stress on linguistics—and betrothed a two-wheelie jackass. I was high in rare air enough to be a model, splashed laughter of an actress while all Bisbee screamed Don’t do it! But then I wouldn’t have had my life. I’d have had yours. And Deepak knows that’s a gag. So you tell me why I’m here with this Ace-wrapped wingtip a day after the Piggly sale on Alaskan coho salmon that ran out just as I bent to sniff a chicken.