Voices on the Wind Open Theme
Ocean Love bty Leslie Clark I’m not certain where mine originated, though I know it’s common among us earthbound humans. Perhaps we acquire it in the womb where we’re surrounded by gently caressing fluid Then, when we reluctantly emerge into harshness of air, the ocean, with its susurration beckons us to a place reminiscent of our first aquatic home. I am aware that as a child, the New Jersey beach was the one place I recall being completely happy. The Atlantic there is anything but spectacular. The mild gray waves flow timidly onto equally drab sand. Still, I gloried in the raucous cries of gulls, while I dug my tiny feet into sucking sands on the water’s edge, body surfed in non-threatening currents, played nonsensical watery games with my siblings and cousins. There, the ever-present supervision of adults was somewhat relaxed. They’d coat our limbs and torsos with their version of suntan lotion– baby oil and iodine, then release us to our pursuits as they lolled on blankets and gossiped or napped. Freed, we’d scamper down to the place where water met land, to cavort for hours. No worries there about schoolwork or baseball teams or violin practice. At the shore, there were only the waves and the sun and the promise of limitless blue skies. I’ve explored worldwide seas since then, from the aquamarine warmth lapping on the black volcanic sands of Tahiti, to the violent clash of breakers on rocks in the northern Atlantic and Pacific, to gentle blue-green fish-rich depths of the Caribbean, and various rocky and sandy shores in many parts of Europe. In whatever seascape I find myself, the blessings of serenity and quiet joy greet me again. The high desert of Arizona, where I lived for many years, has its own majestic beauty. I loved greeting the mountains every morning, and spring and fall weather was glorious. But I never stopped missing proximity to my cherished ocean. Now, my favorite view is from high on a California cliff, where the music of the ocean supersedes human clamor echoing from vibrant umbrellas and windbreak tents below. Finally, I’ve come home to my most enduring love.