Voices on the Wind Comical Voices
THE NEW NORMAL by Kimberly Hardy Since when was Facebook a meeting place Whatever happened to meeting face to face And why is Twitter considered a conversation And how did “liking” become a celebration As time is finally found to mingle with loved ones After the work on my new iPad is done I check into Google Plus and Linkedin To see if anyone checked in with me again As they tag my old high school photo I use my recent one as my personal logo And wonder where they find these pictures That were never, ever kind to my figure This is the new normal of connecting Expanding my friendships by collecting Digital and impersonal ways of making amends Personal relationships substituted for internet trends And I still feel a sense of disconnect Using my social profile to misdirect Proving myself to old friends looking to reconnect As friends offline attempt to overprotect Getting lost in the real time conversation Of the grandiose persona of my own creation Asking myself how I made Facebook my new station Caught up in the new normal of the internet nation