Voices on the Wind Obscure Voices
News of the Weird by Chris Dietz There is a wound that never heals there is a heel that never wounds evening smells like creamed corn can openers, de rigueur puddles fill with perch raining from the sky breeze with a credit card genitals have faces news of the weird, news of the norm Our Lady in the rust of an outdoor water heater If we see it -- it’s history if we hear it -- it’s now what do we know, what can we say what’s the delay, what’s the rush let go, assume essence prove we’re human what can we say that makes sense ‘We are trapped in that bright moment when we met our doom!’ Some days you never wake up without joy, what’s the point There is a wound Earth yawns cracks appear pits of kisses bits of hurry up everything is everything & someone else’s dream no matter what channel I turn to synchronized pollution modulated looping on etherized gurneys of wonder bras & easy chairs we don’t get out enough anymore