Voices on the Wind Memorable Voices
The Mongers (War & Iron) by Steven Pody I did not come to kill or maim, I came in peace which just confirms that I'm insane. For "Why not come in wealth?" said they. "Or wear your power and dressed in that proclaim your say. "Then all will hear and fear your might, and desirous envy long to share that virtuously in your name all evil smite." "Why no," said I: "I come as if my steps that pattern thirsty lands were chosen, each and all to sweep, and not be swept. "I come in peace, which may sound dull to slaves of fear and hopeless death; yet violent children demand you still another general! "Are you never sick of fortune's lack, or failed faith in faithless men who consider it noble and opportune to mark their marks into your backs? "I bring you words of mighty change, kindly listen to their scheme; invoke patience, now compassion, let go of your filth and dust behold a lovely, tranquil dream." "Not hardly, sir," mobs' chaos intones; their blades a-glitter and tongues a-sputter, rattling dismissal with their tomb-dry bones. "Peacefully you came to us, and needed? No! And useless, go!" the throng is crying. And in the crowds, ever; the confident, eager mongers. Brisk business for their black-iron wares: Sharp are the nails I'm buying.