Voices on the Wind Memorable Voices
Milestones by m.e.jackson Before and after marks significant milestones; effects linger into generations leaving hope and despair. The “greatest generation” looked at life before and after WW II; D day and atom bombs; Korea , a cold war and a wall. Mellow times until November sixty-three; a loss of innocence; assassinations a way of life. Kennedys and King; more attempts. Killings at Columbine, monster hurricanes, vicious tornados, planes crumbling buildings. No going back when an ID wasn’t needed to define who you are; before the influx of aliens and fears of anyone turbaned; liquids and scissors disallowed in flight; backpacks a symbol of anarchy; constant watching for traitors in our midst. What next for generations born to a twenty-first century of chaos and distrust, of betrayal and guilt, of a dim future for all our tomorrows. Milestones or madness; life changed forever,