Voices on the Wind Voices in Tribute
ROD McKUEN’S LOST SHORTS by Dick Bakken 1. Warm The Hershey bar you left on my knee has melted down across my thigh as I sit for hours staring across the beach to where you waved and called goodbye. 2. Susie in My Lap Your photograph torn in two is missing the soft soft of your breasts I cradled in my hands. Now I just sit alone talking to my Chihuahua. 3. Empty Wrappers Listen to the stuffed owl I gave you on your birthday— he is crying. Susie, when I came today to tell you I've enlisted, you were gone and I found my owl upside down in your trash can covered with cold gravy. Listen to the memories— I still see the warm wind tossing your blond hair. We were sitting with your owl as the tide carried our candy wrappers out to sea. O how the sun went down! You placed your hand on my leg and we watched it get big and red.