Voices on the Wind Voices from Home
Matriarchal Secrets by m.e.jackson Every family has their secrets, even the ones who never miss church on Sunday, belong to the country club, aid the local food bank. It wasn’t a coincidence I favored a friend of the family. When old enough to ask, I learned my great-grandmother had raised the child as her own. Found on the front porch stoop as a new born, the girl grew into a woman who resembled several members of the family. Two generations later, my grandmother became upset when my brother became friends with the lawyer’s daughter who lived down the street. Somebody born on the wrong side of the bed was a relative of both. The family hadn’t come down from the mountains for nothing. Great-grandfather had a wandering eye and a baby who had grown into an adult secret. The women kept it to themselves secured with their pencil thin lips. My dad and the lawyer had despised each other for a lifetime never knowing they were probably cousins. They are gone now, the old days and the old people. Can’t help wondering, however, if anyone else knows the secret, or if anybody is left who cares.