Voices on the Wind Voices on Relaxation
Mindfulness or How to Make a Pie by Nadine Lockhart This is not exactly how you would do it, is itósitting cross-legged at a typewriter, black sneaker, white shoelaces, flea bites around the ankles, and nothing to say for yourself lately. And maybe thatís the point, there is nothing to say, there is nothing to do. This is not a self-improved life. Have you done your meditation? And yet, still so nervous. Maybe more would help. Or watch the breathing, look at your hands, the palm of it, how the lines reveal your future. Might you see those same hands pressing into pie dough, pie dough pressing into a sprinkled layer of flour atop a cutting board? Perhaps someone has made the dough for you, perhaps they have done most of the work, the measuring and the mixing; all you need is your hands for the kneading. And pie crust isnít bread. You wonít need to do all that much moving around of the dough. Just enough. Just enough to create a short meditation for yourself. Watch that breathing. In, hold, out . . . in, hold, out . . . your shoulders, tense, shake them up, then down . . . relax the faceóthe mouth, open the mouth loosely, and watch that breathing, watch . . . that . . . breathing. The breath is key. And there is so much silence. Enough silence to hold many pies, of many flavors. Choose one. Will it be cherry? Thatís such a favorite, but apple is more universal in your world. Watch that breath. Watch that breath: In, hold, out; in, hold, out. The pie will lead you; you will go on to many more projects. Some empty, some productive, and some, well, whatís the sense in judgment. Go on. Watch the breath. Think about the book about the hippies you wanted to write, about where they live now, about their hippie pie and hippie poetry. And watch that breath, most of all, you must relax and watch the breath. Apple. Apple it will be.