Voices on the Wind Open Theme
A Lesson From Judith by Ben Somerville She called. “I want to meet with you,” she said. I’ve heard about you, I thought. We met not for lunch as planned. She was sick with the flu or some such thing. She called. “We’ll do this later,” she said. “That’s good,” I said. The later was not for lunch, instead in a hospital bed. She was readying to leave the hospital. She had to leave so she could get treatments for cancer just discovered. Some kind of hospital rule. Rules are strange things, sometimes they are boundaries and sometimes barriers. She said, “Come see me--we have something in common.” Jim, a real loving husband, said, “That’s true and it would be important to her.” Judith has died since. I miss her. I was nothing more than a blink of an eye in her life. If my presence did for her what she said, I am awed. I believe her. I am awed. My presence with her got turned around soon. When I visited, her presence with me marked my life. She was nothing more than a blink of an eye in my life. A blink that turned into a wink that graced my soul. The lesson from Judith is the courage to be is bountiful. Thank you, Judith.