Voices on the Wind Open Theme
Lost in a Maze Searching for a Labyrinth by Larry Turner “And here, just off the Riverwalk, we’ll place a labyrinth, laid out in brick, where walkers can cross the street to follow its path or sit on park benches and contemplate its mystery.” At least that’s how I imagine Naperville’s city council discussing the matter. Still, I’ve seen enough of city councils to doubt it happened that way. Some mornings I went blocks out of my way to walk the labyrinth. It never was the solitary experience I sought. Always mothers sat on those park benches while preschoolers ran across that big brick circle, paying no more attention to its pattern than they did to lines in coloring books they scribbled through. Looking back, I know why those mothers were there. They needed to find their path, a need they sensed but couldn’t articulate. The running children were still too young to lose their way, be led astray by television and whatever else lay in wait. But perhaps children too young to be corrupted by television like spirit-driven city councils are just another of my fancies.