Voices on the Wind Voices in Tribute
King of our Yard by Chris Loehmer Kincaid Two bundles of fur Tripping over themselves Purring, mewing, slurping their milk Then around the corner Comes the king Black and white, solid In his mouth, a baby bunny, Announcing to the interlopers That he still has it No kittens will replace him Or his mousing skills Still Years pass The kittens grow The king slows down Not nearly the mouser he once was Then comes the day A hum of flies first Then Around the side of the doghouse The brave, brave boy Black and white and still beautiful Just asleep, eternally In the backyard, a fort for the kids To pretend they are swashbucklers on a ship Or a prince and a princess in the castle tower The king had spent hours snoozing on top Or surveying his domain Unlike the kids, he wasn’t pretending He had been master of his realm And he was laid to rest under that throne.