Voices on the Wind Comical Voices
JUMP-ROPE RAP-OUT by Dick Bakken Twinkle, twinkle, little star, in the forests of the night up above our sky so high what immortal hand or eye whirls your blazing scimitar One tornado, two tornado, three tornado, four . . . Five chingado, six chingado, seven bambinos more [Do a Little Richard trademark-scream] What the hammer, what the chain? rasping fast this world so loco How I wonder what we are In what furnace is your brain? Lucero Lucinda . . . Lucy Lucifero Lucille . . . won't you satisfy my plea Lucille . . . Owwwwww! Oh won't you satisfy our plea We bent down for it, baby, and gave you such a wonderful scream Lucy Lucy damned here how frightfully we stand here Lucy Lucy libertine, Lucy belle of brambles bell, book, and candle upstairs or down here, six missles blast from silos. Whoa! Liberty Bell, you don't do the people's will No! Liberty Bell belle, you just won't do the people's will Yo! I ask Rambo about you but all he does is yell [Do a Little Richard trademark-scream] Twinkle, twinkle, little stars way up above our stripes so high what churning cyclone thrilled up from Hell? Not last night but the night before 44 monsters came chomping through my floor Call for the coppers, call for the priest, call for the crazy with the hydrogen valise. What the hand dare seize that fire like a diamond in the sky? I wish I may, I wish we might ai! shriek up what smolder and what art lets you shower Yi! such brittle light to twist the sinews of a heart Sock-a-bye, Navy, o'er the wave chops when the wind blows, a destroyer will rock and if the bow breaks, crossed steeples will fall down will crash Navy, Army, and all. Itsa bacha, soda cracker, Itsa bacha boo. Itsa bacha soda cracker, Out goes blue! Itsa bitsa whiner slimed up the waterspout Down came the pain and wiped that whiner out. Out came the sun and dried up all the blame So the itsa-bitsa whiner slimed up the spout again! Did he who rammed the lamb ram thee?