Voices on the Wind Voices from Home
House Hunting by Sam Love Some people hunt for houses and some houses hunt for people I discovered this the hard way as I watched an internet house sale With the on screen clock ticking down no one bid in digital time and space Until, in the last nail biting moment, two of us duked it out in one hundred dollar increments. Gritting my teeth, I placed a final bid as my bank account flowed blood red ink Holding my breath the screen finally clicked to zero And the prize --A 110-year-old house with a leaking roof, rotting wood, peeling paint and openings for squirrel condos I knew it cried out for saving, but I didnít know that once a secret coven of wiccans gathered regularly on the third floor Some nights I imagine I hear the group circling the pentagram they painted on the splintered attic floor chanting spirits of water, earth, and fire The next owner had no appreciation of spiritual art and smothered the five pointed star with latex paint Little did I know the pentagramís spirit would ooze through the paint, and surf the digital realm until it found me, its architectural savior Clearly, real estate ads never tell the whole story