Voices on the Wind Evening Voices
Evening of Halloween by Andrea Williams Reed Just after the glow of The Hunter’s Moon, Before November meteor showers Night skies and moon beams give Ambience to cut grass and shaped shrubs Sprayed with gray spider webbing, Old bed sheet draped between bushes. In haunting design Worn flannel shirt stuffed with hay Sewed to pants make Life-sized rag doll, to fit Under tatter straw hat, then Leaned conspicuously on porch Pumpkin craved to peculiar perfection, Orange light flickering in eerie glow The Smoky smell of neighbor’s Bonfire in the air Along with its pops and crackles Swirling in crisp fall evening, Signals for entryway to light illuminations And have sentry in place Armed with candies Costumed characters prowl in teams Requesting treats to keep tricksters away