Voices on the Wind Open Theme
Gothic Tale whom the artist intended to be seen as father and unmarried daughter, not as man and wife. Wanda M. Corn, GRANT WOOD by Larry Turner Bosh, man, I知 no Juliet. I知 thrice葉wice thirteen and more. You値l not see me, through pitchfork crenellations, deny my father and refuse my name. The orchard walls are high and hard to climb, and the place death, whoever you might be. No. I知 no such fool to pack my bags amd wait for you beneath inconstant moon. Don稚 ask if any lips my lips have kissed that痴 not yours to know but they池e a purse you値l not unclasp. When once I sought to leave, I had no means. And who would help me go? Throughout the county, Father痴 will and power extend. He said that none was good enough for me. Now I知 his alone. My heart of middle age follows no twisting, rick-rack course, but like my dutiful hir knows its place and stays there. In my white collar, I need no flowers, no garlands gay. I play my small part in straight lines, to church and back, to shop and back. I am reconciled, childless, fixture friend to widows.