Voices on the Wind Voices of Protest
Why Ghosts Appear In Period Clothing by Ken Boe, (with Margo Wollenberg) Save your breath to cool your privilege— pulsating gyration of fortune; huffing Gods of coronation manifesting the dark manifest of caucasian sublimation slipping through the awkward forward veering around of the forbidden word; it was even part of the New Deal, white man exceptionalism. My overman deception be then to clown around until a noun, why ghosts come back in period clothing. Such facade of right intention out prints the off-set soul. 4D printer; 11D printer, way ajar of the curve; not just self in the 3rd person, or languishing in the 5th: The projection of destiny— why ghosts appear in period clothing clinging to their artifacts of Saul. Ideation fragments by Wollenberg: 1. “Save your breath to cool your porridge.” A saying of Margo’s grandmother. 2. “It’s part of the deal” A phrase used by Margo’s father. Note by Ken Boe regarding the use of Ideation fragments: I do not use the fragments as literal artifacts, but entangle them in the general course of literary alchemy as I do with all my artwork. Tropes take on a life of their own that I cannot seem to control with even the best of intentions. To learn more about my approach, background, and ideas, and to collaborate, or receive my monthly email, please go to www.patreon.com/kenboe