Voices on the Wind Voices on Waiting
Waiting to Enter the Galleria by Wilda Morris It is mid-November, well after tourist season. I line up to enter the Galleria del Academia, wait several minutes before concluding Iím in the wrong queue, the one for groups. I zip down the block to the end of the other lineónot as long as I anticipatedóand begin another wait. I no sign the line is moving till a young couple gives up, crosses the street and disappears, putting me two spaces closer to the entrance. Women in colorful garb and covered heads come down the street begging for coins. I wonder how many beggars walked these streets when Michaelangelo was releasing David from the massive stone abandoned by Rossellino. Did the artist take a ducat from his pocket, press it into a waiting palm as he passed? And would he be surprised how long people wait patiently for a chance to admire the biblical hero he sculpted more than 500 years ago?