Voices on the Wind Open Theme
FRESH PRESS BLUES LBJN#3, Portland, Oregon, 6/8/70 by Dick Bakken Walked downtown barefoot with Ivan after belting "Well Oh Well" and another squealed cry, Ivan just a-slapping that saucepan. Danced a chip of glass deep up in my heel goading for ten Id won dating Soo first as we popped into Nude Juice for the Blue Pick-Me-Up. Ivan digging to flip glint free with his Swiss Army awl, both we fools shrieking and laughing blueberry-squirt bursts out our nostrils, slapped crazy into eyes. I turned back to slump home, Ive waved my ten, off toward Museum Art School to surprise Soo after classes, his purply grin true as a hot Szechuan plate. "See you." "See you."