Voices on the Wind Voices on Waiting
Waiting for You by Sherri Lohrum Baker I've been waiting for you again. Waiting to hear you run down the steps, come to my room with something you made just for me. I've been waiting for the grocery list, waiting for you to tell me again that I'd know I don't need any more canned tomatoes if I would just look in the cabinet once in a while. I waited last year for you to borrow my new boots and not give them back because they are 1. super comfy 2. would look way more awesome on you 3. I never wear them anyway Each time I see them in the closet, I wonder, did we both have great taste in boots, or did I just buy them for you to swipe? I've worn them only once; guess they were meant for you. Though I know you'll never again come down the stairs, make a list for me, swipe my boots, I continue to post messages on your Facebook wall and share the links I know you would like, because I have faith that there is free internet in heaven, and you are reading my posts and waiting for me to show up. I'll bring the boots with me. Love you always, Mom