Voices on the Wind Voices in Tribute
Your Fight by Larry Turner The enemy you fight, we all fight, though for us he hides and waits. How far down the path we do not know; for years we can forget he’s there. For you, he has chosen a war of attrition by day and night, and only for a fortunate hour sometimes can you forget. Why is it he attacked you, who loves peace, soothes, brings quarrels to an end? An easy victim, did he think? Could he be so wrong? “Relax,” we tell you— the family who share your minutes, the friends you help and inspire, the professionals who serve you and become your friends. “Relax. Take it easy. Slow down.” But we know you won’t until you have to. It wasn’t by relaxing you fought your way, a little girl, from the jungle where you grew up. All we can do is let you fight your own way, help you as we can, and love you.