Voices on the Wind Open Theme
English Garden by m.e.jackson I always wanted an English Garden to inspire my inactivity and to hide the weeds. Maybe it was some type of dream born from reading Alice in Wonderland or some old nursery rhyme with flowers. It may have developed from a fascination with anything English, from Masterpiece Theater to Agatha Christie. Life seemed to feel better if I relished tea time and cookies, biscuits really. The bees and butterflies could visit regularly. The grass would eventually take a back seat, and the world would be far better as I sat in the shade with a PD James, and visited my roots. Would Inspector Barnaby find me in a midsummer trance imagining a world of mystery and intrigue? Or would Shakespeare’s sonnets break the silence in my mind? Perhaps, I’d just lean back and dream of lavender and lollipops.