Voices on the Wind Voices of Protest
THE ELEPHANTS ARE LOOSE by Leslie Clark The elephants are loose in Washington, D.C. throwing insane words around in confused morality. Forgetting that their job is to represent all of us they trample the Constitution, pound podiums, and fuss. They denigrate all women, Condemn minorities, attack the nationís healthcare and much of our liberty. But weíre doing the work of Jesus, some facetiously proclaim when actually their focus is on playing their own game. The religious right and influence tragically at large onward puppet soldiers, into fruitless battle charge. Now the most obnoxious of all has become the head of state. Chosen by the gullible, I fear for the nationís fate. While itís very true a donkey or two has proven to be an ass Elephants have no right to believe their word is the last. Truly disgusting politics, everyone will suffer. Letís vote out right wing zealots. Take care of one another.