Voices on the Wind Comical Voices
A Draft ďThis whole book is . . . but a draft.Ē Herman Melville, Moby Dick by Wilda Morris This whole poem is but a draft but Iím a bit daft. Maybe Iíll finish, maybe I wonít. I often donít. I stop to think and take a drink (of coffee of course). Caffeine is a force of nature, you know, makes it so I stay awake. Then I walk by the lake with my dog. I take him on a leash (really a rope) Ďcause he gives me hope that a new thought will latch onto my mind and catch on, help me find the right word, one seldom heard, to say what I want my poem to convey. But often, itís true that thoughts donít come on cue. Is that what happened to you, Herman Melville?